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Timeless Truths


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Exploring Creation Myths and Dreamtime Stories

Timeless Truths is a resource book for teaching the nature of myth to junior and middle secondary students.

The myths are culturally diverse and allow an exploration of the fundamental concerns of human existence. 

 Throughout the book are activities for students which compare different views of the world, as well as:

  • practise skills of reading words and images, writing, speaking and listening
  • develop critical thinking
  • promote indepe ndent learning

Timeless Truths Contents


Preliminary Questions

Creation Stories

Introductory Activity: North America - The Delaware Indians

Reading and Presenting Myths

India - Brahma and Sarasvati

Hebrew - Genesis

China - Nu Kua

Egypt - The Separation of Earth and Heaven

Western New South Wales - The Ngemba and Muruwari Clan

North America - The Cherokee Indians

Contemporary Concept - Gaia

Language Study

What We Are

Western New South Wales - The Ngemba and Muruwari Clans

Fiji - The Children of Ndengei

Hebrew - Adam and Eve

Greece - Prometheus and Pandora

Prometheus Retold: The Golem


Modern Prometheus

Life and Death

General Activities

Greece - Demeter and Persephone

Babylon - Myth of Adapa

People of the Kalahari - The Tortoise and the Hare

Papua New Guinea - Death Enters the World

Madagascar - Death Wish

Greece - Orpheus and Eurydice

India - Kali, Mistress of Death

Norse - The Death of Baldur


Myths as Cultural Exploration

Japan - Izanagi and Izanami

The Sun Goddess