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The Quest in Legend & Literature


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by David Maher

The quest has been a constant theme in legend, literature and film. This book focuses on one of the most enduring of the quest legends - the story of King Arthur, the Round Table and the search for the Holy Grail.

These stories are the basis of a wide range of photocopiable English activities - speaking, listening, reading and viewing, with references to novels, poems and films which have drawn on the legend of King Arthur.

The Quest Contents


 Malory's Le Morte D Arthur - A Basic Plot Outline

 Quest Characters

 King Arthur and Star Wars

 Character Profile 1: King Arthur

 How Arthur Discovered the Truth of His Birth

 Responding to the Story  - Sequencing

                                         - Newspaper Reporting

                                         - Advertising

 King Arthur Crossword

 How Arthur Claimed the Sword Excalibur

 Responding to the Story     -Creating a Weapon

 Looking at Picture Books    - Creating a Children's Book

                                            - Merlin and the Dragons

                                            - Dragon Quest

 Further Reading: The Sword and the Circle

 Character Profile 2: Merlin

 The Round Table

 Character Profile 3: Guinevere

 Joan of Arc

 Character Profile 4: Lancelot

 Poetry Worksheet - The Lady of Shalott

 Merlin - Film Text

 Merlin and Nimue

 Poetry Worksheet     - Poetry Writing

                                   - The Ballad

 Character Profile 5: Uther Pendragon

 Le Morte D" Arthur (excerpt)

 King Arthur's World    1: Knights

                                   2: Chivalry

                                   3: Jousting

                                   4: Courtly Love

                                   5: Heraldry

                                   6A: Settings - Utopia + Dystopia

                                   6B: Settings - Arthur's Kingdom

                                   6C: Settings - Creating a Map

The Dark Forest Game

Mythical Creatures

Character Profile 6: The Orkney Knights

Bold Gareth and the Red Knight     - Playscript

                                                       - Staging a Production

                                                       - Writing & Design Activities

 Park's Quest by Katherine Paterson

 Character Profile 7: The Grail Knights

 The Holy Grail and The Legend of the Fisher King

 Film Texts:                 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

                                   - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

                                   - Fisher King

 In Search of the Holy Grail- Creating a Comic Book

 Character Profile 8: Mordred

 Character Profile 9: Morgause and Morgan Le Fay

 Celtic Heroes:            - The Legend of Cuchulainn

                                   - The Tragedy of Blodeuwedd

 Further Reading: Bernard Cornwell's The Warlord Chronicles

 Film Text: Excalibur (Years 11-12)

 The Knight of the Lion: Reading & Writing Activities - Part 1

                                                                                  - Part 2

 Notes for the Teacher:          - Aims and Strategies

                                               - The Historical Arthur

                                               - Creating the Romantic Vision

                                               - King Arthur Comic Books