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Speaking Out


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by Adrian Pauley and Kevin Ryan

Speaking Out is a photocopiable resource book practical ideas for oral English in the classroom. Each unit provides background information, photocopiable worksheets and photocopiable information sheets for students.


Part One – the Preparation

1  The oral presentation: a few basics to start

2  Getting started

3  Openings that grab attention

4   Successful conclusions

5   The plan: Putting it together

6   Devices for speechmaking ~

7  The written word vs. the spoken word

 Part 2  The Delivery

 8 The voice

9   Making a presentation 'visual' with gestures

10  Making a presentation 'visual' with pictures

11  The use of notes

12  The 7-step program

 Part Three – Presentations

13  Impromptu speaking

14 The oral in English

    • Specific styles of oral
    • Orals for specific purposes.
    • The oral as a transcript
    • The oral as an interview
    • The poetry oral
    • The oral and Shakespeare

15  Orals in subjects other than English

16  The seminar or group style presentation

17  Speeches in a leadership role