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Skills for Work Book 3


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Book 3: What Work by Anne Vize


Skills for Work is a series of four photocopiable teacher resource books to use with

  • secondary school students who are thinking about leaving school and joining the workforce
  • students in vocational courses
  • young adults already at work but who have low levels of literacy

Each title deals with a comprehensive range of issues which young adults entering the world of work need to deal with, and includes

  • teacher led activities for use in the classroom
  • case studies for discussion and research based activities
  • photocopiable worksheets focusing on literacy activities related to various elements of daily life in the workplace
  • checklists to help students monitor performance and progress
  • sample documents, for example resume, phone records, application letter, email enquiry


Other relevant titles are

  • Skills for Work Books 1 ,2, and 4
  • Literacy for Living Book 1 and 2 
  • Everyday Literacy Books 1 and 2
  • Maths Skills for Living and Maths Skills for Working

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Book 3 What Work? Contents


Unit 1: Childcare

Unit 2: Sport and recreation

Unit 3: Automotive

Unit 4: Manufacturing

Unit 5: Building

Unit 6: Hospitality

Unit 7: Retail

Unit 8: Running your own business

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