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Political Theatre


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 Modern Drama series

 edited by John Hughes, contributors Mike O'Brien, Terry Mundy, Greg King, Brenda Pinder, Belinda Wright

 This provides workshop approaches for studying some of the classic plays of modern drama. The approaches offered will help secondary and tertiary students gain critical insights into the language used in the plays, and the theatrical forms and devices employed, and provide methods for character analysis and thematic examination.

The student-centred interactive strategies presented will also encourage students to bring a play alive by exploring form and content which takes the play off the page and, in the imagination of the students, onto the stage.

Political Theatre Contents

Introduction John Hughes  

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Chronology: Miller’s life and work

Past and present


Student as director/designer

Alternative viewpoint

Character jigsaw: Happy

Spotlight on Biff


Thinking visually: Relationships

Salesman theme: Focus on politics

Ben and the great outdoors




The Crucible by Arthur Miller


Parallels & politics

Ripple chart: Dramatic structure

Play into novel

Student as designer

Newspaper account



Running commentary

Improvisation: Elizabeth Proctor

Tragedy: John Proctor 

APPENDIX: Senator Joseph McCarthy

Hoover Ltd: Handbook for Salesmen


 The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bertolt Brecht        


Student as designer                                                                        

Designing a set for epic theatre

Three Stories in One  

Focus on Adzak 

Intellectual vs emotional involvement 

The plight of the soldier 


Student as director / designer 

Grusha & Simon a romance




The Herbal Bed by Peter Whelan ― Greg King


Set design

Sexual tension and banter

Faith and practice

The Language of character

Lying and dissembling

The tension of the moment

Susanna and the elders

Falling for Rafe

Chaos theory

Husbands and wives

Vengeance and repentance