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Play on Bill: Romeo and Juliet


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 In Love with Juliet  by Richard Baines

 Play on Bill is a series of plays written for classroom and school performance, based on the plays of William Shakespeare.  Each play is essentially about a school performance of the Shakespeare play, with interactions between the actors in the school play, the backstage crew, the staff, and the roles in  Shakespeare’s play.

 Each play is an enjoyable drama in its own right, but has the added value of introducing students to some of the characters and better known scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

  All plays have a large cast and effectively involve the whole class.

 In Love With Juliet  begins with a school rehearsal of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Fights break out, interruptions multiply, actors don’t turn up and the tech crew are unreliable! Despite the chaos Shakespeare’s play begins to take shape. The second Act is set in the girls' dressing room during a performance of the play. As they interact with Shakespeare’s text, the girls discuss their own love lives, and it is only in the final moments of In Love With Juliet that we come to understand the play’s title.