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Maths A Modelling & Problem Solving


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Each of these three titles for Maths A, Maths B and Maths C, provides a comprehensive range of questions for each topic, with an emphasis on modelling and problem solving. They are particularly valuable for Queensland senior maths students.

For each topic there are

  • fully worked solutions for each questions
  •  formula test for each topic
  •  general strategies for approaching questions on the topic
  •  student record sheet, to record progress
  •  tips for helping to solve questions

 In addition there is a complete practice paper, using the format and layout of a senior maths examination, with annotations to show students how to approach the paper.

The result is a book that allows students to experience the complete range of the types of questions asked and which they can use:

  •  in Year 11 and Year 12, while studying the topic in class
  •  before examination and assessment for revision and final study
  •  to concentrate on and improve in weaker topics

Julie Quinn is Curriculum Director at St Joseph's College Brisbane. Owain Rowland-Jones is an experienced senior maths teacher, formerly  teaching at Scots College.


Modelling and Problem Solving Maths A Contents


To the student


Using a topic approach


Steps to success


Techniques for answering questions


Approaching different topics


Exam techniques


Abbreviations, symbols




Managing money I and II


Elements of applied geometry


Linking 2D and 3D


Data collection and presentation


Maps, compasses and land measurement


Exploring and understanding data


Sample papers 1 and 2