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Jane Made Plain


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by Wendy Jonas


Jane Made Plain provides a detailed treatment of three of Jane Austen's novels:

Pride and Prejudice



For each novel there is background information on Jane Austen's ideology and her world, and a diverse range of activities, including photocopiable worksheets looking at the story, characters and language

Jane Made Plain contents 

Pride and Prejudice

Section A: Setting

  • Worksheet 1 The World of the Novel 

Section B: Themes / Issues / Main Concerns

  • Worksheet 2 Courtship and Marriage 
  • Worksheet 3 The Importance of Correct Judgement 
  • Worksheet 4 Elizabeth's Struggle for Individuality and Self-Respect 
  • Worksheet 5 Follies and Nonsense

Section C: Characters: Simple and Intricate  

  • Worksheet 6 Heroine, Hero and Villain 
  • Worksheet 7 Characters Continued 

Section D: Narrative Methods  

  • Worksheet 8 Narrative Methods 
  • Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing


 Section A: Setting and Social Occasions

  • Worksheet 1 The Society of Which the Novel Gives a Picture ' 
  • Worksheet 2 Emma's Little World, Hartfield and Highhury 
  • Worksheet 3 Social Occasions

 Section B: Emma's Errors

  • Worksheet 4 The Harriet Smith - Mr Elton Affair
  • Worksheet 5 The Jane Fairfax - Frank Churchill Affair
  • Worksheet 6 Humiliation - and Self-Awareness?

Section C: Mainly Males

  • Worksheet 7 The Men in Emma's Life

 Section D: Emma as a Comic Novel

  •  Worksheet 8 The Definition of Comedy
  •  Worksheet 9 The Comic Characters
  •  Worksheet 10 Comedy Continued

 Section E: Austen's Irony

  • Worksheet 11 Revision Exercise
  •  Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing
  •  Addendum Alternative Page References


 Section A: Setting and Social Groups

  •  Worksheet 1 The Society of Which The Novel Gives a Picture
  •  Worksheet 2 Place Settings
  •  Worksheet 3 Social Groups or "Sets of People"

 Section B: Plot / Structure

  •  Worksheet 4 The Novel's Opening
  •  Worksheet 5 The Structure of the Novel as a Whole
  •  Worksheet 6 The Revised Ending
  •  Worksheet 7 Plot Mechanisms
  •  The Role of Various Characters

 Section C: Ideas / Issues / Main Concerns

  •  Worksheet 8 Courtship and Marriage
  •  Worksheet 9 The Novel's Title
  •  Worksheet 10 "A Woman's Portion"
  •  Worksheet 11 Change and Constancy
  •  Worksheet 12 "Follies and Nonsense" The Faults of Human Nature

 Section D: The Heroine

  •  Worksheet 13 Characterisation and Narrative Techniques
  •  Suggestions for Further Reading and Viewing
  •  Addendum: Alternative Page References
  •  Comparison Questions