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Interactive Whiteboards in the English Classroom


by John and Jenny Barwick, Trevor Millum, Chris Warren


Interactive English describes a number of approaches, with examples, to help teachers develop the potential  for more interactive, enjoyable and creative lessons using an interactive whiteboard.

The 23 lessons are divided into:

  • Visual Literacy: working with images
  • Looking closely at texts
  • Word studies
  • More advanced techniques

The book includes a CD with material related to the ideas in the book. These include files for Word, PowerPoint, Promethean flipchart and Smart Notebook.

Interactive English is a new Australian edition, with additional and reorganised material, of Sharing Not Staring, published by NATE in 2008



Visual literacy: working with images

  • Spotlight on images                                                                  
  • Controlled reveal                                                         
  • Investigating colour                                  
  • Investigating symbols

 Looking closely at texts

  •  Hiding and revealing text
  •  Mystery texts    
  •  Using tables
  •  Text mapping
  •  Collapsing and re-sorting texts
  •  Exploring text types
  •  Using sequencing to investigate texts

 Word studies

  • Making choices with drop-down menus
  • Word bits
  • Matching words
  • Ordering our thoughts
  • Every picture tells a narrative
  • Creating scaffolds
  • Using flowcharts
  • Transforming texts
  •  Editing: tracked changes

 More advanced techniques  

  •  Counterpoint with PowerPoint
  •  Show and go
  •  Movie capture animation