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HSC Maths Extension 2 Course Summary


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Each Phoenix Course Summary provides a comprehensive and thorough summary of all the essential material for each HSC Maths course in a form which makes it simple for students to identify what they have to know for the HSC examination and to help them learn it.

They include:

  • formulas
  • theorems
  • procedures
  • worked examples

 In addition, they have

o       provision for students to add their own notes from other sources - textbook, study guide, teacher

o       useful suggestions to help learn the material

o       practice questions, with answers, for each part of the course 

Course Summary Maths Extension 2 Contents 

Topic 1           Curve sketching

Topic 2           Complex numbers

Topic 3           Polynomials and partial fractions

Topic 4           Calculus and integration

Topic 5           Conic sections

Topic 6           Volumes of solids

Topic 7           Dynamics

Topic 8           Circular motion

Topic 9           Harder extension 1 topics

Specimen paper 1 and solutions

Specimen paper 2 and solutions

Specimen paper 3 and solutions