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HSC Maths Extension 1 Practice Questions


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Phoenix Practice Questions by Topic feature a full range of the types of questions asked in previous HSC examinations for each HSC maths topic. Each title includes

  • comprehensive range of questions, covering all types of questions asked in previous HSC examinations, organized by topic
  • fully worked solutions for each questions
  • formula test for each topic
  • general strategies for approaching questions on the topic
  • student record sheet, to record progress
  • tips for helping to solve questions
  • three complete practice HSC papers, using the format and layout of the HSC examination and using questions based on  previous HSC papers. One of the papers is an annotated demonstration paper showing how to approach the examination.

 The result is a book that allows students to experience the complete range of the types of questions asked and which they can use:

  • in Year 11 and Year 12, while studying the topic in class

  • before the examination during revision and final study

  • to concentrate on and improve in weaker topics

 Practice Questions HSC Maths Extension 1 Contents

Using a topic approach

How to use this book

12 steps to success

Techniques for answering questions

Exam techniques

Abbreviations, symbols

Sample HSC Mathematics (Extension 1) paper, with annotations

Table of standard integrals

Exam-style questions and worked solutions

1            Inequalities

2            Circle geometry

3             Further trigonometry

4             Division of an interval (internal and external)

5             Parametric representation (parabola)

6             Polynomials and iterative methods

7             Methods of integration (including sin2x, COS2x)

8             Related rates, growth and decay

9             Rectilinear motion

10           Projectile motion

11           Simple harmonic motion

12           Inverse functions

13           Binomial expansions

14           Permutations, combinations, and binomial probability

15           Mathematical induction

16           Harder applications of HSC Mathematics topics

Sample HSC Mathematics (Extension 1) papers

Quick solutions