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Environment Collection


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by Jill Morris

The Environment Collection is a fascinating and varied collection of material — each item having a connection to some aspect of the environment.

The range of material in The Environment Collection  provides numerous opportunities to develop interesting and valuable lessons and units in a number of learning areas and at the same time give students an interest and awareness of a significant influence on their life.

The Environment Collection is accompanied by a Teacher Resource Book with ideas, activities and approaches to help teachers get the most from using the collection in the classroom.


  • Wild Islands
  • Exterminating Thylacines ( prose poem)
  • Dingo Dilemma  (dramatic monologue)
  • Dancing with Dingoes   (background explanation)
  • Lady Macbeth in Sand    (hypothetical journal)
  • Birds
  • Mag Attack ( dramatic debate for two voices)
  • Insects)
  • Notes from a Dung Beetle Workshop  (fascinating fact file)
  • The Dirt on Dung Beetles  ( poem)
  • Bats
  • Bat Alert  (short story)
  • Vampire on Trial (one-act play)
  • Wombats
  • In Search of Golden Wombats  (report)
  • Death of a Golden Wombat  (poem for two voices)
  • Saving the Ocean
  • The Sinking of a Warrior  (research record)
  • Caught in the Net    (fictionalised history)
  • Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce   (personal anecdote)
  • Dugong Beach   (short story)
  • Secrets in Sand(
  • Digging up a Story   (personal anecdote)
  • Dirty Work  (journal)
  • Village of Stone    (documentary radio script)
  • Unearthed: An Aboriginal Stone Village  (newspaper article)
  • A Literary Obsession – The Beginning  (explanation)
  • Mahogany the Mystery Ship ( radio drama script)
  • Not a Clue   (personal introduction)
  • Imagine!   ( poem)
  • Points North
  • Croc Snaps    ( fascinating fact file
  • Reptilian Railway   ( feature article))
  • Enviro Careers
  • Wandering with Wwoofers  (recount)
  • Travelling for the Planet    ( interview)
  • Whipper-Snipper Meets Cane Toad     (ironical anecdote)
  • Going Down the Wire   ( interview)
  • Burrowing for Bilbies  ( interview)
  • New Tech
  • Bio-technology  (documentary film script)
  • Alternative Worlds
  • Lament of an Alternative   ( conversation for two voices)
  • Wild Animals – Wild Ideas   ( hypothetical)