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English as a New Language Workbook


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by Maureen Granger

English as a New Language Workbook supplements the English as a New Language Handbook, a practical, convenient reference for students learning English as a second language. It covers all elements of grammar with clear explanations, descriptions and examples. There is special emphasis on the areas where students have the most difficulty, such as verbs and tenses.

English as a New Language Workbook contains 50 exercises providing intensive guided practice in English grammar, usage and punctuation, allowing students to apply, consolidate and develop their knowledge of English language.

 English a New Language Workbook Contents

1 Types of nouns

2 Gender

3 Number

4 Countable and uncountable nouns

5 Possessive case

6 Personal pronouns

7 Relative pronouns

8 Interrogative pronouns

9 Demonstrative pronouns

10 Reflexive pronouns

11 Using participles as adjectives

12 Demonstrative adjectives

13 Using prepositions with adjectives

14 Changed meaning in context

15 Adjectives and adverbs

16 Comparative and superlative adjectives

17 Forming adverbs

18 Comparative and superlative adverbs

19 Adjective or adverb?

20 Placing adverbs

21 Choosing the right article

22 Spelling the present participle

23 Spelling the third person singular in the present simple

24 Using the present simple tense

25 The present simple and the present continuous tenses

26 The past simple tense

27 The past continuous tense

28 The past simple and the past continuous tenses

29 The present perfect tense

30 The past simple and the present perfect tenses

31 The present simple and the present perfect continuous tenses

32 The present perfect continuous and the past perfect tenses

33 The past perfect continuous and other past tenses

34 The present simple and the present continuous used for the future

35 The present continuous and 'going to' as future forms

36 The future simple tense

37 The future continuous tense

38 The future perfect and the future perfect continuous tenses

39 The future continuous or the future perfect tense

40 Type 1 conditional sentences

41 Type 2 conditional sentences

41 Type 3 conditional sentences

42 Conditionals of all three types

44 The passive voice

45 Gerunds and participles

46 Conjunctions

47 Prepositions

48 Constructing clauses

49 Analysing sentences 50 Sequencing

51 Semantic markers

52 Punctuation