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Drama It's All Talk


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Product Code: 978-1-876580-98-8

 by Stan Barrett

This resource book uses drama to help develop speaking and listening skills and at the same time make students comfortable with drama and performance, including role play, scripted and unscripted plays.

It contains lots of lesson ideas, each with warm-up activities, development and extension, and photocopiable worksheets.

Drama: it's all talk Contents

  1.  Introduction
  2.  Introductory games and warm-ups
  3.  Listening to and Following Instructions.
  4. When I Speak
  5. The Name Game Main activities
  6. Every Picture Tells a Story
  7. Worksheet
  8. It's not what you say
  9. Worksheet
  10. Conversation Pieces
  11. The Pilot Game
  12. Talk with Twisted Tongue
  13. The Ace Game
  14. 32 Lines
  15. Worksheet
  16. Better Endings
  17. Noughts and Crosses
  18. The Alphabet Game
  19. Every Picture Tells a Story
  20. Worksheet
  21. Mime and Movement
  22. Giving a Scene Shape
  23. Words and Actions
  24. Worksheet
  25. Characters at Random
  26. Worksheet
  27. NewsWeek
  28. Worksheet
  29. Helplines:  timing, starting and finishing a scene, applause, presentation, audience involvement, voice and speech, social problems, simulated violence, endings.