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Developing Writing Skills Teacher's Resource Book


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 by Helen de Silva Joyce

Developing Writing Skills assists students to develop a broad range of writing skills with a particular focus on less abstract and more personally oriented texts.

Each student book has information and explanations to assist students with essential rules, definitions, processes and concepts, and an extensive range of exercises.

Answers to questions in both Developing Writing Skills workbooks are provided in the Developing Writing Skills Teacher's Resource Book

As well as the answers to questions in the workbooks, Developing Writing Skills; Teachers Resource Book contains additional explanations, information and examples of text types for teachers, with additional exercises for guided practice, extension and assessment.

The guided practice is developed through

  • ·analysis of models texts
  • activities to develop skills in structuring whole texts
  • developing skills in the strategic use of vocabulary and grammar

Developing Writing Skills Teacher’s Resource Book Contents


1. Working with the elements of language          

      Information to share with students                                     

      Exercises with the elements of language                         

      More work with texts                                                                      

      More work with paragraphs                                                    

      More work with sentences                                                      

      More work with clauses                                                          

      More work with groups                                                            

      More work with verb groups                                                         

      More work with noun groups                                                  

      More work with circumstances                                               

2.  Working towards cohesive texts                      

      Information to share with students                                     

      Exercises with theme                                                                    


      Macrothemes and paragraph themes                                   

      Clause themes                                                                         

      Exercises with nominalisation                                             

      Exercises in cohesion                                                            

3.  Working to influence the readers                     

      Information to share with students                                     

      Exercises with modality                                                         

      Exercises with evaluation                                                     

      Expressing feelings                                                                       

      Making judgements                                                                 

      Assessing qualities                                                                    


      Extension work with the language of influence                     

4.  Working with narrative structure                      

      Information to share with students                                     

      Exercises with narrative structure                                      

      More work with orientations                                                          

      Extension work with orientations                                           

      More work with complications                                                

      Extension work with complications                                        

      More work with evaluations

      Extension work with evaluations                                            

      More work with resolutions                                                     

      Extension work with resolutions                                             

      More work with codas                                                             

      Extension work with codas                                                     

5. Working with media stories                             

      Information to share with students                                                          

      Exercises with media stories                                                

      Exercises with human interest stories                               

      Extension work with media stories