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Advanced Reading and Writing: Phoenix English Skills


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John and Jenny Barwick


Advanced Reading and Writing is one of four workbooks in the Phoenix English Skills series for junior secondary students. It includes a variety of exercises for students to practise and develop more advanced reading and writing skills than those in the Phoenix English Skills Reading and Writing workbook. They include:

  • purpose and audience
  • sequencing ideas
  • expositions, discussions and essays
  • editing and proofreading
  • figures of speech
  • literary tools
  • forward and backward referencing
  • distinguishing fact from opinion
  • text features

Each section is introduced with a brief explanation and revision. All exercises have answers in a separate section.

The book can be used for:

  • classroom exercises
  • homework
  • assessment
  • extra work
  • revision

Other titles in the Phoenix English Skills series are:

  • Grammar and Punctuation
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Reading and Writing Skills
  • Teacher Resource Book 1 (Year 7)
  • Teacher Resource Book 2 (Year 8)

 Advanced Reading and Writing Contents

 Writing skills
1 Purpose and audience

2 Using better verbs
3 Using better nouns
4 Using adverbs and adjectives
5 Good sentences
6 Using paragraphs
7 Sequencing ideas in paragraphs
8 Sentences within a paragraph
9 Headings and subheadings
10 Writing expositions, discussion
and essays
11 Referencing, bibliographies and footnotes
12 Letter layout
13 Tone
14 Active and passive voice
15 Consistency in tense
16 Maintaining tense
17 Idioms using prepositions
18 Plain writing
19 Common writing errors
20 Saying what you mean
21 Editing and proofreading
22 Summarising texts
23 Writer's checklist

Reading skills
24 Figurative and literal writing

25 Figures of speech
26 Idioms and common sayings
27 Similes and metaphors
28 Literary tools
29 Parody, irony and puns
30 Forward and backward referencing in cloze passages
31 Distinguishing fact from opinion
32 Identifying text features
33 Features of a novel
34 Features of newspaper reports